Contract with EOPCY at the Diagnostic Center. Microbiological laboratory, Radiographic laboratory

Our International Patient Department was established to serve patients from other countries/regions at the different phases of the medical treatment process including treatments for medical emergencies.

  • travel supports and communication
  • on arrival the coordination of medical treatment and administration
  • inpatient treatment
  • discharge support and organization of administrative issues
  • and post-treatment follow-up

Our Multilingual Team

Our multilingual team consists of highly experienced members that offer their support and are there to answer any questions before and during your visit to THERAPIA S.A facility.

International Insurances

We have been chosen, as the preferred partner, by an international network of travel insurance and assistance companies. This allows us a fast truck process of payment guarantee and approval of any treatments you may need in case of emergency and that provides the assurance to any traveler to Corfu- Greece that they will receive the best medical care in any emergency medical situation.

The clinic is already working with most hotels and travel agents to cover the medical needs of visitors to the island, as well as with many private insurance companies and health funds.

Operating Room